Faker “fuming” after pentakill stolen during T1’s LCK Spring 2022 opener

. 6 months ago
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T1’s superstar mid-laner Lee “Faker” Sang-hyeok had his first pentakill of LCK’s 2022 season stolen by teammate Moon “Oner” Hyeon-joon, prompting a hilarious reaction from the 3x world champion.

T1 played their first match of the LCK 2022 Spring split against Kwangdong Freecs on January 12.

The Korean powerhouse franchise is one of the favorites to win the LCK, with a strong lineup that is anchored by Faker who enters his ninth year with the club.

T1 took care of business against Kwangdong Freecs, and the 2-0 set ended in an incredible moment that jungler Oner won’t soon forget.

Faker at Worlds 2021
Faker is looking for his fourth Worlds title in 2022.

Faker has pentakill stolen

LEC commentator Caedrel was co-streaming the LCK opening matches on Twitch, when T1 was putting a bow on their first victory of the season.

Faker was playing Vikor and was easily on his way to wiping the entire Freecs team when Oner, playing Nidalee, dashed the moment and took the one kill Faker needed to secure the pentakill.

“Wait, Oner just took Faker’s penta. F**king Oner, man! You took his penta! Faker is fuming.”, Caedrel shouted.

Faker made it known he wasn’t happy with his jungler’s play as he spammed all of Viktor’s spells, including his ultimate ability, on Oner instead of the opposing Yuumi who was waiting to hand the kill over to Faker.

Although Faker has thousands of kills in his LCK career, he only has one pentakill to his name, all the way back in 2015. The mid-laner was forced to settle for the quadrakill, the Ace, and the clean sweep to start the season, which isn’t too bad of a trade-off.

There will certainly be more pentakill opportunities for Faker in the future, and hopefully, Oner lets Faker have the next one.

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