Doublelift explains why Samira’s planned League nerfs are “pretty crazy”

Andrew Amos
Doublelift and Samira in League of Legends

Samira is penciled in for huge nerfs in League of Legends patch 11.4, but former Team Liquid pro Yiliang ‘Doublelift’ Peng believes the AD carry doesn’t need the changes. In fact, he went as far to say “only noobs think Samira is good.”

Samira’s release in League of Legends has been contentious. The AD carry’s kit is jampacked with damage and sustain, as well as escape tools with her dash. There’s even crowd control on her passive. It’s been labeled as overkill by most.

However, Doublelift rejects that theory. The pro-turned-streamer believes other champions are more deserving of nerfs than Samira, despite player outrage.

PsyOps Samira in League of Legends
Samira is getting nerfed in League patch 11.4, but Doublelift disagrees with the changes.

“I did see that they’re getting Samira, which is pretty crazy. Only noobs think that Samira is good, but there’s a lot of less-good players in League,” the former pro claimed.

It comes as Samira’s kit is set to get nuked in League of Legends patch 11.4. Riot are nerfing the bonus damage on her passive, reducing her Q AD ratio early, the duration of her W whirl, the dash range on her E, and the cooldown on her R. No stone is being left unturned.

He pointed towards other dominant meta picks that Riot aren’t going as hard on, including number one AD carry Kai’Sa and the recently-buffed Senna.

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“If you ask any pro what AD carry needs nerfs, they’re going to tell you the same; Kai’Sa, probably Fasting Senna, maybe Seraphine. They’re not going to say Samira. That champ is absolutely ⁠— probably [a] fine to below-average AD carry.”

Kai’Sa is also set for buffs in the February 18 update, although not as hefty. The Daughter of the Void’s Q is getting a damage nerf, but that’s it. Senna and Seraphine don’t feature in the planned patch notes.

According to, Samira is the second-best AD carry right now behind Kai’Sa. She has just under a 50% win rate in solo queue, although she’s the third most-picked at 19.67%.

She has also been played 117 times across the four major regions in pro play since her release for a record of 58-59.

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