Doinb was “heavily considering” coming to NA according to LCS coach Reven

Carver Fisher
Doinb considered joining the LCS

In an on-stream conversation with LS, Cloud9 Challengers coach Reven claimed that Doinb was “heavily considering” making the move to NA, and that he was going to try and teach the LPL star English at the time.

There’s no shortage of rumors about big-name players in the LPL and LCK coming to North America, with names as big as Lee ‘Faker’ Sang-hyeok getting thrown into the hat every once in a while during off-season negotiations.

Players tend to field offers from multiple teams if they get them as a way to weigh their options and find the best place for them to play, but it’s hard to say where they’ll actually end up until an offer is set in stone.

A recent on-stream conversation between LS and Seong ‘Reven’ Sang-hyeon, the current coach for Cloud9 Challengers (soon to be TSM’s head coach according to a report from, there’s a world where Kim ‘Doinb’ Tae-sang joined the LCS.

Doinb was almost an LCS mid laner

While he’s known largely for his worlds-winning performance with FPX in 2019, Doinb is also a content machine when it comes to his own stream. So much so that rumors and leaks from his stream tend to make their way to audiences around the world.

He’s been busy in his hiatus from pro play. Other than having a newborn child to take care of, he’s also been having various LPL pros guest spot on his stream and hasn’t let up on leaking scrim data. Most recently, he spoke about how LCS/LEC teams are doing well in scrims.

The tables turned when coach and former player Reven spoke about his friendship with Doinb during an on-stream conversation with LS, and they revealed that Doinb was at one point seriously considering a move to the LCS.

LS asked Reven about his friendship with Doinb on stream and then asked, “You were almost how [Doinb] joined LCS, right?”

Reven confirmed that this was the case, but added some context. “Not almost, but like… He was heavily considering it.”

LS then explained that Reven was going to help Doinb learn English in the case that he came to North America. The currently teamless LPL star is still fielding offers, but it’s hard to say whether or not any of those offers are from NA.

Though Doinb isn’t currently competing, the return of Nautilus mid has certainly pushed him back into the conversation. He’s been commenting on G2 Rasmus ‘Caps’ Winther’s performance and joking about becoming a coach for G2 after he retires.