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League of Legends Patch 9.18: Akali nerfs, Lee Sin buffs and more coming soon

Published: 4/Sep/2019 8:41 Updated: 4/Sep/2019 9:07

by Joe O'Brien


Riot Games have revealed the changes they’re planning to make in the next League of Legends update, Patch 9.18.

LoL Lead Gameplay Designer Mark ‘Riot Scruffy’ Yetter shared the planned champion buffs and nerfs for the upcoming patch, which is due to arrive on September 11.

The patch includes changes to a variety of champions, although fans of pro play in particular will note that Akali and Aatrox, who have been near-constant features over the last year across a variety of adjustments, are once again on the nerf list.

Some players will undoubtedly be pleased to see that plans for buffs to Vayne and Riven have been scrapped from the patch, with no apparent plans to implement them later on. Sylas nerfs have also been removed, although these should appear in Patch 9.19 once Riot has figured out exactly what the changes should be.

The full list of planned changes can be read below. While nothing is final until the patch actually goes live, Yetter states that the current list should be “pretty close” to the actual update.

Riot GamesAatrox is being adjusted yet again in Patch 9.18.

Champion Nerfs


  • Passive heals for 25% against minions
  • R movement speed 60-100% >>> 30-50%


  • R1 no longer stuns
  • R2 max damage 255/450/645 >>> 195/420/645
  • R cooldown 120-100 >>> 160-100


  • Armor 28 >>> 25
  • R cooldown 140-110 >>> 160-130


  • E attack speed 40-80% >>> 40-60%


  • Health per level 90 >>> 82
  • Armor per level 3.5 >>> 3
  • Mana 283.56 >>> 280
  • Mana regen 7.44 >>> 7
  • E slow 50% >>> 30-50%

Champion Buffs


  • Base AD 60 >>> 62

Aurelion Sol

  • Base HP 510 >>> 575


  • R damage multiplyer vs low health targets 100% >>> 140%

Lee Sin

  • Base HP 570.8 >>> 575
  • Base AD 69.2 >>> 70
  • R damage 150-600 >>> 175-625


  • Passive damage 10-124 >>> 16-130 (by champion level)


  • W mana cost 50-70 >>> 30-50
  • W stun 1.75 >>> 2.25


  • R no longer trigger on inactive scuttle
  • R max ammo 3 >>> 3-5


  • Base AD 57 >>> 59

Miss Fortune

  • E slow 28-60 >>> 40-60%


  • E grants 25% (+1.5% per champ level) Movement Speed decaying over 1.5s
  • E damage reduction 16-40% >>> 8-20%
  • E cooldown 10 >>> 15


  • W always grants attack speed against the hunted target

Bjergsen retires from League of Legends to become TSM Head Coach

Published: 24/Oct/2020 17:29 Updated: 24/Oct/2020 17:57

by Daniel Cleary


LCS veteran Søren ‘Bjergsen’ Bjerg has announced his retirement from professional League of Legends, surprising fans with a transition to TSM’s Head Coach.

After winning multiple LCS titles and cementing himself as one of the greatest players to have competed in the LCS, Danish star Bjergsen revealed that he would be retiring from League of Legends on October 24.

Despite carrying TSM to another LCS win in the summer split and securing a spot at Worlds 2020, after their 0-6 record in the international event’s group stage, he released a vlog to give fans an update on his future.

bjergsen on LCS stage
Riot Games
Bjergsen has competed under multiple iterations of TSM.

In the TSM announcement video, Bjergsen confirmed that he would not be competing in the 2021 spring split and would be coaching the TSM roster instead.

“After playing professional League of Legends for about eight years and playing for TSM for close to six, I’m here to talk about the fact that I’m retiring as a professional player and stepping into the head coach role for TSM,” Bjergsen added.

The mid-laner explained that the decision was not made because of their Worlds showing and revealed that it was one he had thought about for quite a while.

“It probably comes a shock to a lot of you guys and I don’t want it to seem like it’s a sudden reaction to our poor Worlds run, it’s something I’ve been thinking about for a long time,” he revealed, “I really wanted to have a good season before becoming a coach.”

As TSM’s general manager Parth Naidu had been filling in as head coach in 2020, the move makes a lot of sense from an organizational standpoint but will likely disappoint many fans of the star player.

Bjergsen has also been a part-owner of TSM, since re-signing with them in October 2019, meaning that he will likely be staying with the North American organization for the foreseeable future.

As of now, the future of TSM’s starting roster is still unclear, but it is likely that more roster moves will be revealed during League’s 2021 preseason.