Absurd League of Legends bug showcases the hidden power of cookies

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A new League of Legends bug is allowing players to store an active item in their cookie, granting them insane amounts of power for free.

League of Legends is a very old, and very huge game. With plenty of champions, items, skins, abilities, and more all mixed into an arena, there are bound to be a couple of strange interactions that rock up every so often. Add that Riot is constantly making additions to the game to mix up the formula for players, and one could only imagine all the bugs that come crawling in.

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It appears a new bug has surfaced in League of Legends, this time involving cookies and the shop’s refund feature.

Resident Bug Catcher and YouTuber Vandiril was able to find a bizarre clip of a Sona player using the stopwatch active, despite not having it in their inventory. Obviously, players were bewildered that something like this could happen, so Vandiril did a bit of their own testing to showcase it in their video.

From here the YouTuber was able to discover an interesting interaction between the cookies delivered from Biscuit Delivery and the refund option.

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It appears that if a player buys an active item and a cookie enters their inventory, the player can then refund that item and keep the active ability from it within the cookie. This bug can be repeatedly exploited, as cookies enter a player’s inventory 3 times in a match, and refunding the item grants the player back the gold that they used to purchase it.

Active items hold some of the strongest effects in League of Legends, allowing players to gain an advantage by smart usage of their ability. These can include items such as Stopwatch as seen in the clip, Youmuu’s Ghostblade, and Gargoyle’s Stoneplate. Certain items however seem to lock the cookie in place, with Galeforce as the example used in the video.

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Good use of an active item can turn the tide of a fight, easily swaying the outcome of a match, making this bug one of the strongest exploits in League of Legends.

It’s uncertain if Riot is looking to ship a fix for this bug anytime soon, so ensure you’re aware of any cookie abusers in your match soon.

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