How 100 Thieves went from underdogs to possible LCS Champions

Damonte LCS Lock In

With the LCS Lock In quarterfinals at a close, the top-performing teams are preparing themselves to go head-to-head in the semi-finals.

100 Thieves have come out of the blocks firing on all cylinders at the LCS Lock In. The pre-event dark horses proved unstoppable in the quarter-finals against Immortals after beating them 2-0 as they set themselves up for a huge challenge in Cloud9 at the semis.

Tanner ‘Damonte’ Damonte has been 100T’s key man in the Mid Lane so far at the Lock In. Combined with Kim ‘Ssumday’ Chan-ho’s support from the Top Lane, this has proved to be an unstoppable partnership.

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Damonte believes that the unique synergy of the group allows them to perform so well, stating that “we’re actually playing another year with four of the same players, just under a different team.”

In the past, he’s previously had entire roster changes year in and year out, and this continued consistency has allowed the team to form a strong bond.

This is continually reflected in the team’s performance during the Lock In, by securing positive trades by leveraging strong positions like ADC and Jungle. While Ssumday took a backseat during the matchup against Golden Guardians, he eventually secured the win for his team with a match total of 10 kills and a quadra.

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Could it be written in the cards that 100 Thieves will claim victory to the first-ever LCS Lock In? Time will tell.

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