MoistCr1tikal in disbelief after being banned from Halo Infinite preview

Moistcr1tikal Halo Infinite banYouTube: penguin0/343 Industries

Charles ‘MoistCr1tikal’ White was left shocked after being banned from the Halo Infinite tech preview for committing suicide too many times in a row.

Halo Infinite is one of the most anticipated games of 2021 and with so much hype around the title, online personalities jumped on the chance to get involved with the recent tech preview.

This demo event gave certain players the chance to test out the multiplayer and identify any bugs that need to be ironed out before Halo Infinite’s full release.

While the majority of streamers who played the game enjoyed the experience, MoistCr1tikal’s gameplay session didn’t exactly go to plan.

After attempting to find ledges outside the map by jumping off the side, he was banned from the tech preview and was unable to stream Halo Infinite to his audience.

Moistcr1tikal Halo Infinite343 Industries
Halo Infinite is scheduled to release in the Fall of 2021.

MoistCr1tikal banned from Halo Infinite tech preview

On July 30, MoistCr1tikal was streaming Halo Infinite Multiplayer and testing out the online matchmaking.

After playing for a little while, he decided to test whether he could break the game and access parts of the map that are considered out of bounds.

Moving to the edge of the map, the streamer jumped off over and over again looking for a ledge or an area where 343 had forgotten to put a death barrier.

“I don’t even know what the f**k I’m looking for, I’m just mindlessly jumping into the water at this point… I really think 343 forgot to put a death barrier somewhere in the water out here”.

After realizing he wasn’t getting far enough out with the standard jump, MoistCr1tikal added a grenade to the equation. This gave him an extra boost while jumping and allowed him to get further out into the water.

However, after so many deaths in a row, a message popped up notifying the streamer that he’d been banned for committing suicide too many times in a row.

“Now I’ve been banned, oh wait is actually says user has been banned, like forever? Holy s**t”.

Although it appears as if the ban was an automated system set up to prevent players from killing themselves over and over again, it still stopped MoistCr1tikal from playing any more of the tech demo.

It was obvious from his initial reaction that he assumed it was just a ban or a kick from the current game he was in.

While MoistCr1tikal’s experience with Halo ended a little prematurely, it’s unlikely that this ban will carry over to the game’s full release.