Halo Infinite devs announce Behemoth map rework amid CTF backlash

halo infinite behemoth343 Industries

Halo Infinite developers at 343 Industries have announced a rework for Behemoth after player backlash raised calls for balance changes in light of Capture the Flag (CTF) issues.

343 Industries have disabled the divisive CTF map from ranked playlists and is now going back to the drawing board.

The devs are going to look into everything from the layout of the map to problematic spawn placements around Behemoth, Community Manager John ‘Unyshek’ Junyszek revealed in a recent blog post.

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The studio was frank when they explained the issues with the locale and are going to troubleshoot fixes since the map “is creating a more frenetic match pace than desired.”

Halo Infinite Behemoth CTF disabled

halo behemoth343 Industries
Behemoth will still be in Halo Infinite’s casual modes, but the devs are retooling its CTF mode until further notice.

For the time being, Halo Infinite players won’t be able to queue into the Behemoth CTF map/mode. The map will still be in the game as well as the gametype, but not when paired together.

343 issued a quick playlist update to take down Behemoth CTF and the devs explained what they’re looking to fix when it eventually comes back.

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“We’ve seen enough data to show us that the map is not performing in ranked as intended,” Unyshek said. “Most of this data revolves around spawning and effective cover around the map.

“Similarly, players seem to be respawning in places that can often feel unpredictable and therefore frustrating to deal with… There also appears to be a lack of viable cover opportunities throughout the map, which is exacerbated when all players are wielding a BR 75.”

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Halo Infinite community reacts to Behemoth removal

The Halo Infinite community was happy to hear that Behemoth would undergo a rework before coming back to the game.

Behemoth CTF’s removal was met with sarcasm and tired cheers from a Halo community that was waiting for the map to be gone.

The Halo community wasn’t lost on the arena’s problems. 343 are retooling its troubled areas that seemingly affect both sides of the map, seeing as the mirror design can leave either team in a frustrating position should the spawns revive players on the far side of the base.

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After 343 noticed these problems, the devs are aiming to rework the Halo Infinite map with enough improvements for players to look forward to its reintroduction in the map pool.

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