Halo Infinite players warn devs their response to cheating crisis is “killing game”

Halo Infinite gameplay343 Industries

Halo Infinite’s online experience has been hindered by an ever-growing number of cheaters since launch and many have now reached their breaking point, claiming that a slow response from 343 Industries is “killing the game.”

There’s no denying Halo Infinite has seen its fair share of issues since its November release. Though topping the bill is an ongoing cheating crisis that has only spiraled out of control with each passing week.

While players in both casual and ranked playlists are abusing everything from auto-aim to ‘God Mode,’ we’ve even seen pro players accused of cheating in high-stakes tournaments.

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Despite assuring anti-cheat was on the way, devs recently announced the community will have to wait until “mid-Feb” for the next update. In light of almost 100 days of hackers running rampant, players are now stepping away in droves and warning this slow response is “killing” Halo Infinite.

“Can we ban the cheaters?” Cloud9 pro Jonathan ‘Renegade’ Willette asked on Twitter, spurring another debate on the issue.

“We are banning cheaters that are identified through internal means and via player reports,” 343 Community Manager John ‘Unyshek’ Junyszek responded. “We’ve also got a patch coming in February that’ll add even more protection and detection.”

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This response set off yet another wave of backlash across social media. With Renegade claiming cheaters are “killing the game,” others explained how the current report function isn’t solving anything.

Given Halo Infinite is a free-to-play (F2P) title, once banned, cheaters can “make unlimited accounts” and the cycle will “just keep happening,” as one player described.

Halo Infinite pro accused of wall-hacking in $10K tournament343 Industries
Cheaters have had free rein in Halo Infinite since launch.

“If 343 is committed to fighting against hackers, why the f*** would they release a F2P game with no anti-cheat?” Reddit user ‘hallmarktm’ asked.

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In terms of solutions, avid players put forward a few suggestions. One method is to make Infinite’s ranked mode a little more tedious to access. 

“There needs to be a deterrent for those creating new accounts,” one player explained, implying Infinite require a set amount of hours in-game before joining the competitive mode.

Another option targeted the game’s current report system. Rather than taking players out of the game and having them fill out lengthy form comparable to “filing taxes,” players are hoping to see an in-game report function sooner than later.

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Details regarding Infinite’s highly-anticipated February patch remain scarce for now. Devs are yet to reveal any specifics on just how the latest Halo title may finally address its biggest issue.

With the player account steadily in decline, as thousands drop off on a weekly basis according to data from SteamCharts, fans can only hope the next update helps Infinite rebound.

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