Halo Infinite Battle Pass explained: How will it work?

halo infinite343 Industries

The next installment in the legendary Halo franchise is set to release sometime this holiday season. Halo Infinite looks to combine all of the beloved multiplayer aspects of previous iterations and will also include a full battle pass. 

One of the biggest hits during Xbox’s E3 showcase during E3 2021 was without a doubt Halo Infinite, the long-anticipated sequel to the Halo franchise is finally coming to gamers this holiday season.

With a full multiplayer reveal on June 14, we got an ample amount of details about how Infinite is going to work. New-look weapons and mechanics are some of the shining stars, and they announced some details on the new battle pass system for Halo Infinite.

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halo armorXbox
Some of the armor sets in Halo Infinite are insane!

Halo Infinite battle pass explained

Battle passes within games are not a new concept, as it seems most multiplayer games come bundled with one nowadays – from Fortnite to Apex Legends.

This will be the case for Halo Infinite, as with each season of multiplayer there will be a set battle pass for players to level up and unlock cosmetic rewards with.

However, one of the drastic differences that Infinite is going to feature as compared to other titles, is the fact that your battle pass will never go away.

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halo cosmetics Xbox
Players will be able to customize all aspects of their loadout.

This means that if you are unable to max out your battle pass for one season of Halo Infinite, then it will just continue over to the next season; instead of going away completely.

From there, you can select which battle pass you wish to add your progression to – according to 343 Industries’ Halo livestream from June 14, 2021.

Halo Infinite devs on multiplayer

The Halo battle pass will never be taken away from you.

Battle pass discussion at 7:50 in the video below. 

This is the first time we have seen this format implemented by a developer for their battle passes, and it will be a welcome change that fans are more than excited to see.

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As well, Infinite is going to break the mold of traditional gameplay mechanics of previous Halo titles, and it should be one of the ages.

That’s everything we know surrounding the Halo Infinite battle pass, but if you are looking for more news around the multiplayer of Infinite, but sure to check out our coverage of it here!

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