Will GTA 6 be announced at Sony’s PlayStation Awards?


With over six years having passed since Grand Theft Auto V was released, fans have been eagerly anticipating news of its follow up. Now, some fans believe that Rockstar Games could be lining up a GTA 6 announcement very soon. 

The last Grand Theft Auto game came out in September 2013, so fans have been very patient as they await news about the existence of GTA 6. So far, they’ve only had scraps to feed off, with apparent leaks and crazy theories running rampant across the fanbase. 

We’ve seen people claiming to be insiders discussing the possibility of a multi-era game that will be based in different countries, while there were some people who claimed that they had seen gameplay from testing only for it to be proven as fake.

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However, attention has now turned to the next big gaming event that GTA 6 could make its debut at – and it isn’t a million miles away.

Rockstar GamesGTA fans are eagerly awaiting GTA 6.

Members of the GTA community have been discussing the possibility of seeing the new title on December 3, when Sony are hosting a 25th-anniversary event for PlayStation in Japan and handing out their PlayStation Awards.

As of now, nothing major has been confirmed for the event, outside of the awards ceremony. Yet, considering Sony has the advertising rights for Rockstar titles on the current generation of consoles, players have been connecting the dots that they believe could lead them to an answer.

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SonySony will be holding the 25th-anniversary PlayStation awards on December 3.

One sticking point for that idea, though, is that Rockstar Games don’t typically attend these events, and even if they do, it’s even rarer to see them announce a game or show off a teaser. 

Even though PlayStation news feeds like PsErebus are saying that nothing will happen, GTA fans will still tune into the livestream on December 3 regardless.

Even if we don’t see an announcement for GTA 6 in December, it appears as if we aren’t too far away from something concrete anyway.

Outside of the fanciful leaks, we’ve seen hints about music soundtracks and even one group which is seemingly involved, Morgue City, noting that something will happen, one way or another, in the summer of 2020.

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