Super Bowl broadcast may have contained biggest GTA 6 location hint yet

Rockstar/Wikimedia Commons/NFL

Grand Theft Auto fans believe that there may have been a few sneaky hints about GTA 6 broadcast during Super Bowl 54 – and the evidence looks pretty compelling. 

While many GTA fans are still having fun in the streets of Los Santos with GTA V and GTA Online, speculation and excitement is building with the expectation of an announcement about GTA 6.

Now, Rockstar hasn’t confirmed that the game is almost ready, let alone even in development, but that hasn’t stopped fans from searching for clues. There have seemingly been in-game hints hidden in GTA V, as well as a game retailer dropping a supposed release date, but the newest hint comes thanks to the Super Bowl 54 broadcast – with some fans believing that it confirms the return to Vice City. 

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Tommy Vercetti standing on bridge in GTA Vice CityRockstar Games
GTA Vice City is still one of the most popular installments in the GTA franchise.

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Complied by Reddit user ItsThatOrangeGuy, the evidence shows that FOX Sports, the Super Bowl broadcaster in the United States, and the BBC, who broadcast the game in the United Kingdom, both used Grand Theft Auto Vice City callbacks. 

On the FOX side of things, they used the classic Vice City HUD to display the kick-off time as well as to indicate it was Super Bowl. They even used the small circular mini-map to show the two teams located at the Hard Rock Stadium, as well as a mash-up of the game’s box art.

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As for the BBC, they were a bit more low key about things – just using one call-back in the form of the iconic Grand Theft Auto font with the blue and pink decor of Vice City. 

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Now, the Super Bowl broadcasts do, traditionally, use pop culture references based around the host city, so it’s probably no surprise to see them dip into the Vice City and GTA nostalgia.

Though, many commenters made good points about the timing seeming a little strange, especially as broadcasters will usually opt for the iconic Miami Vice TV show instead.

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“Super Bowl being in Miami is not a reason to use these pointless references to Vice City. I don’t get why they would feel the need to make constant references to a past GTA game if this wasn’t arranged by Rockstar,” posted oohe.

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While that is a pretty stellar point, both broadcasters may have recognized that they have simply overdone the Miami Vice references in the past and opted for Grand Theft Auto as a nod to something a little bit more modern – as well as playing into the hype surrounding GTA VI. 

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Whether or not GTA fans who are drawing conclusions from these references will be proven right on wrong still remains to be seen but, at least, the love for Vice City is still there if nothing else.