Special GTA Online car makes Cayo Perico heist setups much easier

Alec Mullins
Rockstar Games

Cayo Perico remains GTA Online’s highest-earning heist to date and this special car makes completing the setup for the job much easier than just gunning it in with your daily driver. 

The Plasma Cutter prep mission is a key part of the Cayo Perico experience. This pre-heist adventure sees the player character following the advice of Pavel and investigating a group of robbers who are in possession of the gas-based cutters.

After a quick inspection of their house and their plans, the mission directs you to ambush the baddies and take the tool for yourself.

While it’s not a particularly complicated task, you can lose a lot of time trying to take them down individually. This strategy is all about disposing of them via a unique car before they ever get a chance to disperse.

GTA Online car makes Cayo Perico heist setups much easier

gta online cayo perico targets
Rockstar Games
Cayo Perico has a couple of preliminary steps to complete before you can go hold up El Rubio for all he’s worth.

The car in question is the Ramp Buggy from the Import/Export update. This angular vehicle allows its driver to scoop up other cars by acting as a wedge between the road and the target’s tires.

As displayed over on Reddit, using this car means players can collect the Plasma Cutter in no time and skip the hassle of dealing with the cars and their occupants individually.

All you have to do is crash through the area where the bad guys are holding onto the cutter, making sure to take out the people and the vehicles as you go.

The Ramp Buggy in GTA Online is a special car with special tricks
Rockstar Games
Using the Ramp Buggy to up-end the robbers’ getaway cars will end the chase before it even gets started.

While it may be unconventional, this method is a big hit with fans of the game.

One commenter on the thread noted that completing missions with creative and unexpected means like the Ramp buggy is part of what makes the franchise itself so fun: “This is why I love GTA, there is no meta needed. Do things however you want with whatever you want.”

A similar method could be employed by anyone who owns the Oppressor MK II, but the Ramp Buggy is more than a half-million dollars cheaper than the flying bike, making it a little more accessible than the high-priced alternative.