How to win F1 car from the GTA Online casino lucky wheel

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Popular YouTuber Frolickz has claimed to reveal a method that will help players win the podium car from GTA Online’s casino lucky wheel in a quicker fashion than previous tips.

After finally opening the doors on the Diamond Casino and Resort in July, Rockstar Games gave GTA V players the chance to gamble away all the cash they had built up over the years of playing GTA Online. 

Though, it isn’t all about blowing your money. Players who log in on a daily basis get a chance to spin the Casino’s lucky wheel and win anything from points to level up, cash to bolster their bank accounts, and even the different cars that sit inside the gaming paradise.

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Rockstar GamesRockstar Games
GTA Online players have the chance to use the spin wheel and win some incredible prizes.

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These podium cars rotate on a weekly basis as the developers drop their regular updates, meaning you’ve only got a few chances to get them for free. As of writing, the current car is the Progren PR4 – the first of the game’s two Formula One-inspired vehicles.

Naturally, players are hoping that their daily spins avoid the reputation points, free clothes, and cash, and land on the car spot – and that is where Frolickz comes into the play. The YouTuber claims that players can glitch out the wheel using a similar method to the old four-second exploit, though it has changed a little now.

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How to get an F1 car in GTA Online

  1. Start an invite-only session of GTA Online.
  2. Enter the Casino.
  3. Spin the wheel after four seconds by moving the analog stick from the 11 o’clock position to straight down.
  4. If you don’t win the car, disconnect your console from the internet and wait for the servers to kick you out of GTA Online.
  5. Reconnect to the internet and re-try the method until you get what you want.

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Of course, some players will probably find success with this method quicker than others, as players have reported needing to take more than ten attempts to finally win the car.

However, it is much quicker than needing to quit the game and re-start. We all know how grueling those GTA load times can be.

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