Hilarious GTA Online hack is making vehicles go crazy

YouTube: DestructionNation

A bizarre GTA Online mod is rendering players unable to drive any car or pilot a plane as they are shot up into the air and sent into a mesmerizing spin. 

The majority of GTA Online players can be found grinding out missions, races, and other odd jobs on the virtual streets of Los Santos, all in the hope of being able to afford that new car, house, or even highly-priced weapon.

Though, as you might expect, there are players who don’t abide by the rules. Playing GTA Online on a PC can make for an interesting experience – especially if you find a session with a modder involved. They’ve been able to recreate Transformers by using tanks in the past, but now, there are even stranger mods on the market.

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Rockstar Games
The Deluxo is one of GTA’s flying vehicles – but this glitch doesn’t work like that.

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Reddit user Newguy183 noted that during a recent session of GTA Online, a modder had managed to, somehow, put a guitar on their back. Now, they weren’t able to swing the guitar around and break out into some tunes, but it still left Newguy183 bemused.

The Redditor asked for some help in getting rid of the guitar, seeing as it didn’t quite match their outfit, but there weren’t all that many helpful responses.

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A few fellow GTA Online players quizzed the Redditor on why they’d want to have the guitar removed, seeing as it is a pretty unique sight in the game.

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However, Newguy183 pointed out that it wasn’t something to be celebrated. Instead of rocking out, the guitar had been ruining their chances of driving a car or flying a plane – with the player being shot skywards and then spun around in a bizarre tailspin.

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While it might be a little distressing for the player involved, other fans found hilarity in the problem – with some adding that similar had happened to them, though a flag took the place of the guitar.

If you ever fall foul of this bizarre mod and don’t want to be left feeling sick by the spinning vehicles, just restart your game. That should clear your outfit and return things back to normal.

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