GTA streamer explodes with rage after spectacular San Andreas fail

by Bill Cooney
Rockstar Games


Grand Theft Auto streamer "Roverjoe" was at a loss for words after failing a San Andreas mission in one of the most random and improbable ways imaginable.

GTA: San Andreas came out in 2004, but the classic game, it's characters, and the setting is still a go-to for some old-school fans of the franchise.

Like any good Grand Theft Auto game, San Andreas definitely provides its fair share of crazy moments, and Roverjoe discovered firsthand how the madness can ruin a playthrough.

San Andreas is crazy enough when the game is actually cooperating.


During a mission where players are tasked with not killing Cesar Vialpando, one of the game's main characters, everything seemed to be going smoothly for the streamer - at first.

After destroying a few cars with his handy RPG, he turned to confront an NPC shooting him from across the street when everything went wrong.

As soon as Roverjoe aimed to fire, the computer-controlled Cesar ran directly in front of the weapon, catching the headshot that was meant for an enemy.


"Oh my god, oh my f*cking god," the streamer exclaimed after he failed the mission. "What the f*ck, he just ran out in front of me!"

Since he failed the mission, Roverjoe will have to start all the way over again, no matter how much progress he had made before Cesar decided to run directly in front of a bullet.

To be fair, he did stick things out to complete the mission even after the game ruined it for him, and on his second attempt. Cesar managed to stay out of the way.


This was just one example of the craziness San Andreas can produce.


Fans may be patiently waiting for any news on Grand Theft Auto 6 at the moment, but at least they can go back and experience all the madness San Andreas had to offer in the meantime.