GTA Online Valentine’s Day update finally adds diamonds to Casino Heist

GTA Valentines Day update 2020 diamonds Casino heistRockstar Games

Rockstar Games have added yet another lucrative opportunity for Grand Theft Auto 5 players to capitalize on with their Valentine’s Day update, as diamonds worth millions of GTA Online cash finally feature in the Casino Heist. 

The game’s developers have been refreshing their title on a weekly basis with constant content updates. Previous drops included double payouts, fresh vehicles or limited-time missions, and once again those who regularly visit the game’s gambling hub have been given a huge boost.

After announcing the Casino Heist back in December, many players will have been expecting there to be diamonds inside the Diamond Casino & Resort, only to be greeted with a $2.1 million cash reward instead for completing it. However, those rewards have since been changed.

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Rockstar GamesRockstar Games
The GTA Casino heist is now one of the most lucrative in-game now that diamonds have arrived – boosted by a limited time event.

How to get diamonds in GTA Online Casino heist

While many YouTubers have created guides since that heist was added to the game on how to “force” diamonds to be included in the safe, there’s never been a guarantee that you would find the elusive jewels inside the vault, even after completing all of the preparatory steps and final run through of the mission.

However, per the February 13 update, Rockstar have finally ensured that diamonds will be included in every single Casino Heist moving forward, for players who are still yet to complete it.

Therefore, the first time a team of first-time players complete it, they will receive diamonds worth a whopping $3 million in-game – making it much more lucrative than it has been in the past.

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This news was first revealed on Twitter by Rockstar data miners Tez2 and Gtamen, with the update having rolled out in-game.

They also claimed that those completing heists will grant 2x cash and RP rewards for a limited time, too, making the prospect of finding diamonds even more attractive for online players. This has since been confirmed by Rockstar.

GTA Online Valentine’s Day event details

According to Rockstar’s official news page, the Valentine’s Day update brings a new vehicle along with double GTA$ and RP in several different modes:

  • New vehicle: Sugoi is now available ($1,224,000-$918,000)
  • Podium Vehicle: Roosevelt Valor
  • Double GTA$ & RP on Heists, Prison Break, Series A Funding, Fleeca Job
  • Till Death Do Us Part
  • Premium Race: Boots on the Ground
  • Time Trial: Observatory
  • RC Time Trial: Vespucci Beach
  • Part Hasta La Vista
  • Lost Vs Damned
  • Offense Defense

With the event now live, make sure you jump in and get these bonus rewards while they last!

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