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GTA Online players urge Rockstar to revive cut feature ahead of The Contract update

Published: 14/Dec/2021 21:39 Updated: 14/Dec/2021 21:40

by Alan Bernal


GTA Online players are urging Rockstar to revive a cut feature that would let them freely listen to the game’s tracklist ahead of The Contract update featuring Dr. Dre’s return.

There’s a ton of new music heading to GTA with the December 15 ‘The Contract’ update. Tracks in the game have gotten stale over the years which is why the community is excited for the upcoming patch.

Generally, people can listen to music in GTA when they’re flipping through car radio channels. That’s why user ‘DARKSIDE2245’ suggested that Rockstar implement Beats by Dre, or some knock-off headphone brand for the game, to hear music anywhere in Los Santos.


As the idea started to get traction and support from the community, people realized that the concept sounded like an old feature that was found in the game files but never made it to the live version.

With R* adding so much music with this update. It’d be cool if we could finally use headphones to listen to the radio when not in our cars. from gtaonline

“They actually considered doing this before GTA came out but they decided against it because they didn’t want it to take away from the game’s original score/atmosphere,” user ‘Big1ronOnHisHip’ said. “There was code found that seemed to be a radio app for your in-game smartphone but it was cut.”

A previous GTA leak revealed a radio feature for players’ in-game phones that would work in a similar way to the headphone idea.


Though Rockstar eventually gave PC players a way to make their own self radio, the broader idea was ultimately scrapped.

gta online radio music leak
via GTA Forums
An old GTA Online leak that hinted at a new in-game smartphone feature to listen to the radio.

Now people want the studio to revisit the idea since A-list artists are about to drop new tracks into GTA’s library.

GTA’s The Contract update is dropping soon and it’ll be interesting to see if Rockstar plans to give players more agency for listening to the new music they’re creating for the patch.