GTA Online players blast Rockstar for random “3-year” bonus punishments

Franklin in GTA online wearing a suit with arms out wideRockstar Games

GTA Online players have hit out at Rockstar Games after one fan got a “3 year” Bad Sport punishment and had their appeal rejected, despite not doing anything themselves. 

If you’ve played GTA Online at any point over the last decade you’ll know that there are plenty of different playstyles in the game. You’ve got grinders who try to make money, trolls who try to ruin the experience, bystanders who just want to have fun, and a few others. 

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Over the years, Rockstar has made it easier for players to avoid those playstyles that don’t match their own – be it because they don’t want any disruption or they just want a whole lobby of players working on one goal. 

Well, that’s all fine and dandy, but if you throw hackers into the mix – yes, hackers still exist in GTA Online – problems will arise. 

GTA Online players hit with 3-year punishment because of hackers

It’s something GTA Online fans have been complaining about recently, as hackers on PC have been getting players hit with 3-year-long Bad Sport punishments for boosting their account levels and Rockstar doesn’t seem to be doing much about it. 

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Redditor AyeeFranklin flagged the issue on January 15, claiming they’d been given the punishment for no reason, and Rockstar flat out denied their appeal to have it overturned. 

“Met a couple of people in the Bad Sport lobby who was also affected by this exploit,” they said. “I took the issue to Rockstar Support, but was ultimately declined.”

Others noted that it has happened to them as well, with their appeals also being turned down. “Absolutely pathetic from an absolutely pathetic company to keep f*cking the players over,” said one. “Classic L*, not their problem because it won’t make them money,” added another.

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The Bad Sport lobbies are full of players who are deemed to not play the game in the right way, and lose out on bonuses like money as a result. It’s not a death sentence, but it’s a pretty big punishment. 

We’ll have to wait and see if Rockstar starts clamping down on the hackers that appear to be causing the headaches.

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