GTA Online players want invite only sessions to be changed

Brianna Reeves
gta online invite onlyTake-Two Interactive

GTA Online players want Rockstar to change invite only sessions, since the server will kick out users for staying idle too long.

In many ways, invite-only sessions reduce the hassle of public sessions in Grand Theft Auto Online. And it doesn’t hurt that Rockstar has improved upon private sessions over the years.

Notably, The Criminal Enterprises update from this summer introduced Sell missions for those who prefer to jump into invite-only games.

Yet some of the similarities between invite-only and public sessions continue to baffle Grand Theft Auto Online players.

The invite only sessions in GTA Online have downsides, too

RealTshStudios recently took to Reddit to vent about being kicked from an invite-only session while playing GTA’s multiplayer suite.

According to the “Alert” notice the player received, they were dropped for “being idle too long.” The Redditor understands why this is a problem on public servers, given that idling takes up an “unnecessary place.”

However, RealTshStudios argues that idling by yourself in an invite-only game shouldn’t be an issue. Other Grand Theft Auto Online regulars tend to disagree.

Several Reddit users such as MindlessAd9668 and TeenieTineeGamer said booting idling players is a way to mitigate “afk farming.”

Apparently, users can abuse GTA Online’s invite-only sessions to build up passive income from their business while actually doing nothing in-game.

But it would seem savvy players have even found a way around this particular conundrum. Iluminattipa and ScarceLoot noted that sitting in front of security setups at the nightclub or bunker counts as working. As a result, folks can afk farm in relative peace without triggering an idle alert.