GTA Online: How to avoid Los Santos Customs daily sell limit

Los Santos Customs shop in GTA OnlineRockstar Games

Grand Theft Auto Online players have found a clever trick to avoid the daily sell limit for vehicles in Los Santos Customs. Here’s what you’ll need to do.

Selling vehicles in Los Santos Customs can be a quick way for players to earn some extra cash in Grand Theft Auto V. You can simply pick a car up, take it over to the mod shop, and sell it no questions asked.

However, for GTA Online, Rockstar has added a ‘daily sell limit’ for players who have attempted to abuse this tactic and making tons of money in a single day.

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Car inside the los santos customs shopRockstar Games
GTA Online has a limit on how many cars can be sold to Los Santos Customs in a day.

Usually, players with this daily sell limit can only sell one vehicle in the Los Santos Customs shop before having to wait a full in-game day, but some GTA players have found a simple trick to get around this long wait.

Reddit user u/Tego31DaGreat was among the first to share this easy method and revealed that players with this limit could sell up to three vehicles a day.

While this trick is fairly straightforward, it would help to have all the vehicles you plan on selling ready before trying it. Here’s how to skip the daily cooldown in Los Santos Customs.

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How to avoid Los Santos Customs daily sell limit

  1. Bring your first vehicle to any of the Los Santos Customs shops and sell it.
  2. You will then need to quickly look for a new session.
  3. After finding a new session, you should be able to sell another car at one of the other LSC shops in-game.
  4. You should be able to repeat the second and third steps one more time to sell three cars in one day.
los santos customs burton shop in Gta onlineRockstar Games
You will need to go to different LSC shops to attempt this trick.

The GTA Online player also revealed that this trick works for both Xbox and Ps4, and that it might be better to use public lobbies when attempting it.

As with all bugs found in GTA Online, it is quite possible that Rockstar could look to patch this glitch in one of their future updates.

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