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GTA Online glitch is making the Casino heist impossible to complete

Published: 22/Mar/2020 22:08

by David Purcell


Rockstar Games might want to look into a Grand Theft Auto Online glitch that is preventing players from successfully completing the Diamond Casino heist. 

The game developers would have been delighted to see a record number of players flock to their online mode when the Diamond Casino and Resort first opened in July last year, not to mention how many returned to steal it following the introduction of a special heist for the gambling venue.

With weekly content updates, GTA Online players have even been given the opportunity to pick up diamonds in the rewards too, making it a highly lucrative opportunity for members of the community. However, after completing all of the steps to get to the final mission, some have found a bug in the actual heist that’s stopping them from escaping with the loot.


Rockstar Games
Rockstar Games
GTA Online players can make serious cash in the casino, but not when bugs are spoiling things.

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The heist is broken up into different parts, which includes a few different routes to enter the vault where money, diamonds, and gold bars can be found. Some ways of getting inside are easier than others, although they all take time.

With that said, some are getting inside the vault, hacking their way into rooms to collect their takings, only to find that the door has slammed shut behind them. Clearly, this means that they are then unable to exit and ultimately die to the security system gas once the timer runs out.

This issue can be seen in a Reddit post from ‘ItsNotVortex,’ below. They asked: “Anyone else had this glitch?” and a fair few responded, claiming to have experienced the same thing as well.


Anyone else had this Glitch? from gtaonline

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One user responded by claiming when this layout of loot appears, one cart room is usually bugged, while another stated that they had seen the bug only when completing the heist using an aggressive approach. Another joked that the casino might have stepped up their security efforts, but that’s obviously not true.

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Whether or not many players have been impacted by this problem is unclear, although it is clear that a handful – at least – have been left frustrated by it. After all, checking off all of those setup tasks and then not being able to complete the heist at the end isn’t ideal. The heist itself could be worth up to $2,115,000, and even higher when diamonds are included in the loot.


Players will be hoping that Rockstar rolls out a hotfix for the problem soon, hopefully before these diamonds leave the game.