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GTA Online: 20 new vehicles leaked in Diamond Heist update

Published: 13/Dec/2019 13:40

by Connor Bennett


GTA Online players will soon be able to get their hands on 20 new vehicles thanks to Diamond Heist update, if new leaked images are to be believed. 

Grand Theft Auto V’s online portion has been going strong ever since the game released back in 2013. A steady flow of updates has kept players engaged with the multiplayer side of things – with plenty jumping back in with the Diamond Casino update back in July.

Since that point, players have been wondering as to whether or not they’d actually be able to raid the Casino vault and get their hands on some huge cash with a heist. That dream became a reality thanks to the Diamond Heist update on December 12. Yet, what good is all that money if you don’t have anything to spend it on?


Screengrab from GTA OnlineGTA players can now crack open the Diamond Casino vault.

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Well, according to prominent GTA leaker FoxySnaps, there will be 20 new vehicles for players to open up their wallets for. Of course, one of the leaks that has drawn the most attention from fans is the Formula 1 inspired race car – but there are plenty more to choose from as well.

In fact, there is a second a racing car in the leaks, simply labeled as Formula 2. It has a different designed that the Formula vehicle that has already surfaced, so players will have a choice on which one they want to choose. 

If you don’t want to blow all your cash on the super racing cars, don’t fret, as there appears to be a decent selection to choose from – depending on your style and budget.


GTA Online Casino Heist Vehicles

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The leaker was also able to get their hands on the release schedule for the vehicles, as well as their respective prices.

The dates of when the vehicles will be released are unknown but you’ll just have to keep your eyes locked to San Andreas Super Autos, Warstock, and Legendary Motorsport websites in-game. 

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For now though, it’s time to gather up a crew so you can bust into the casino and get your hands on the untold riches that await you behind the vault door.

Move fast though, because nobody wants to be seen as the copycat who bought the Formula cars after the other Los Santos citizens.