GTA Casino heist teaser hints at GTA 6 South America setting

Graphics: Rockstar Games

Rockstar Games might well have dropped the biggest hint yet that the Grand Theft Auto video game series could be heading to another part of the world in GTA 6. At least, that’s what some fans think.

The game’s developers have revealed a brand new teaser for GTA Online’s next heist, involving one of the most popular features to be added to the map – the Diamond Casino & Resort.

This new heist will be coming on December 12, marking yet another addition of fresh content to the ever-changing online mode in GTA 5. While there’s been a news announcement including all details of the next major mission released, it’s a short teaser trailer that has caught the eyes of many fans.

Rockstar GamesGTA Online’s next heist is just around the corner.

Rumors have been rife in the game’s online community for quite some time about when the next game will be announced, what characters will be included in a future installment and some have speculated about where the next GTA game will be set – with moves to Europe and South America linked in the past.

While the new casino teaser might not have addressed any of those points, eagle-eyed social media users have spotted something particularly interesting in the still shots of the promotional video.

A map flashes across the screen for a split second in what looks like a technical glitch, showing only South America lit up, and now a portion of the fanbase have since suggested this could be the first easter egg hinting towards the setting of GTA 6.

Rockstar Games

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This was pointed out in a post to Reddit from ApplelypseNow and it might come as a surprise to fans that this isn’t the only clue to support the theory, according to some hopeful users from the GTA6 subreddit.

VX97 said: “Doomsday Heist facility computer had circle around Vice City, Cuba, and Colombia and now South America is highlighted on this new Casino Heist DLC teaser. Even the mention of Project Americas is in RDR2 files. I think it’s happening, we gonna have Colombia in GTA 6!”

The original poster responded to that suggestion, too. They said: “Having Guarma in RDR2 was a bit suspicious too,” Seems like a lot of effort to develop a jungle environment for such a short chapter. Possible dry run for more expansive jungle in Columbia or Central America. Sort of like how North Yankton preempted the snow environments in RDR2.”

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As long-term players of these games will know by now, fans absolutely love to put together their own theories and predict the next move of developers way ahead of schedule.

Whether or not this is actually a teasing easter egg for GTA 6 remains to be seen, but one thing is for sure, Rockstar themselves haven’t confirmed a thing. The wait for official information continues.