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GTA 6 trailer clue potentially discovered on Rockstar’s YouTube channel

Published: 4/Mar/2020 12:15

by David Purcell


Rockstar Games’ movement on YouTube has left fans wondering whether or not a GTA 6 trailer is coming soon, after discovering what appears to be a secret video on their channel that’s not yet been made public. 

A number of people have claimed to have inside information on the developer’s next major project, although at the time of writing Rockstar are still yet to have revealed the existence of Grand Theft Auto 6, never mind the finer details.

However, with the GTA Online update adding Formula 1 cars and races going out on February 27, there doesn’t seem to be any plans for another huge addition of its kind lined up, leaving many fans wondering if something related to the next GTA game could be in the works.


Rockstar Games
It’s difficult to say whether Rockstar’s latest “tease” found on their website is related to GTA or not.
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The clues have been stacking up towards something potentially being revealed soon, too, with fans spotting a graphic on the Rockstar Games website (above) that showed a robot holding the company’s big ‘R’ from their logo.

Upon closer inspection, some members of the community noticed that a champagne bottle in the graphic was from 1998, which could be a hint towards the series moving to a new part in time – if the teaser turns out to be related to GTA.

Now, it appears that Rockstar have added a new YouTube video to their channel that’s not yet been released to the public, sparking rumors of a potential reveal for GTA 6 – as seen in a tweet from Rockstar_Mag.


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A previous leak suggested that the developers were already on the lookout for trailer music, enquiring about licensing for tracks from Young Dolph, but it’s unknown as to whether or not his music will feature in future videos.

As has been the case with several of these ‘clues’ so far, there’s no way of telling whether fans are onto something or actually way off with their potential discovery. Rockstar_Mag stated there were just 255 visible videos on February 12, but there are 260 on the YouTube channel at the time of writing.

Since January, Rockstar have only released a trailer for the GTA Online Open Racing event, but is something new being lined up for release? We’ll have to wait and see.