Another GTA 6 leak claims announcement will happen very soon

Rockstar Games

Another supposed Grand Theft Auto leak has claimed that the announcement and reveal for GTA 6 is not that far away – with some further details about the story and location also being noted. 

For months now, fans of the Grand Theft Auto franchise have been trying to uncover any type of clue or piece of information that would lead them towards the news that they are all pretty much waiting for – GTA VI.

Players have dug deep into GTA Online in order to find any hints or teases, while supposed insiders have claimed that what they are waiting for isn’t all that far away. Adding to that, another apparent leaker has backed up an earlier claim that the game will be announced within a few days. 

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Rockstar Games
Many GTA fans are eager for a return to the iconic Vice City.

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The claim about the announcement was posted online by an anonymous poster who insisted that the information came from someone working at Rockstar. However, they had a few more details about what could be coming soon that might make fans sit up and take notice.

They claimed that GTA 6 will be revealed by the end of March with players set to head back to the Miami-inspired location of Vice City. However, where it differs from other rumors is that the new post claims that players will only play as a single male protagonist. Other leaks and rumors claimed that the multi-character system from GTA V would be making a return in some form.

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The anonymous claims were posted online and went into a bit more depth about GTA 6’s supposed setting.

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This supposed leak also backed up older claims that dealing drugs would play a huge part in the story, with the developers apparently going “all in” on the cartels. 

Aside from the apparent single-player details, the poster alleged that the new version of GTA Online would be much less “pay to win” than in GTA V – something that plenty of fans have complained about.

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Of course, it’s difficult to verify any of the claims until Rockstar drops some official word about GTA 6, but, it appears as if we might be entering the endgame.

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Another insider claimed that the game would be revealed on Wednesday, March 25. So, we don’t have long to wait to find out one way or the other.