YouTuber Angry Joe brutally roasts The Last of Us Part 1 by re-releasing 2014 review

Carver Fisher
Angry Joe The Last of Us Part 1

Angry Joe’s content is almost as old as YouTube itself, and he’s been making Angry Reviews for over a decade. His reviews are still hotly anticipated by fans, but Angry Joe did something a little different for his review of The Last of Us Part 1.

Rather than doing a new Angry Review, he just copy-pasted over his entire review of the original remaster of the critically acclaimed title with a few additional elements.

While many content creators and reviewers have roasted the $70 price tag on this “re-remaster”, Angry Joe’s commentary on the title is very unique in a way that only he could pull off.

Angry Joe mocked the The Last of Us Part 1 in his own way

Angry Joe’s review starts with a very flashy intro, followed by a title card mocking the somewhat filmic nature of The Last of Us Part 1’s overall presentation.

Angry Joe The Last of Us Part 1

He then goes into editing software, puts his original review from 2014 into it, applies a filter, and just reuploads the entire review with a little re-remastered logo in the corner.

Joe’s simple yet very poignant criticism of TLOU Part 1 being a third remaster of the same game with a $70 price tag lines up with the critique others have levied against the title.

YouTuber Moist Critical’s Moist Meter video about The Last of Us Part 1 gave a scathing critique on the price tag here, saying that it should have been $40 at the most, and that $70 “isn’t justifiable.”

Dexerto reviewed The Last of Us Part 1 and found its quality to be remarkable, with the caveat that the conversation around its price is a difficult one to have. Digital Foundry did a comparison showing just how far this game has come since the initial PS3 release.

Digital foundry tlou comparison
A comparison of the PS3 version to the PS5 version done by Digital Foundry

And, while the presentation of the game has been overhauled dramatically and a full suite of accessibility options has made this story much more accessible, it’s still the same game with a new coat of paint.

While many Angry Joe fans were awaiting a full-fledged Angry Review, his satirical review certainly got his point across in a way Angry Joe’s storied history as a YouTuber allows only him to do.

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