YouTube legend Dunkey launches his own video game publisher, Bigmode

Brad Norton
Dunkey on the H3 PodcastYouTube: H3 Podcast

Immensely popular YouTuber ‘videogamedunkey’ has launched his very own publishing company alongside his wife. The publisher, Bigmode, aims to spotlight indie projects and help them “stand out” from the crowd.

When it comes to gaming YouTubers, Dunkey is among the biggest of them all. Without fail every upload reaches millions of fans; be it a serious review of a major AAA title or a tongue-in-cheek look at the latest indie game, viewers lap it all up and have done for years.

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While there are no signs of his content slowing down anytime soon, the iconic personality has pivoted to a bold new endeavor in the space. As announced on September 21, Dunkey himself now has a publishing arm as he and his wife Leah have established Bigmode.

Together, the duo is looking to collaborate with independent developers in a number of ways. Be it general PR and community management, creating merchandise for the title, or even helping secure funding in initial stages, Bigmode is designed to uplift indie projects at any point in development.

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Bigmode publishingBigmode
Bigmode is looking to support indie projects at any phase of development.

“We aren’t just the face of the company. We are the company,” Dunkey clarified in his YouTube video on the same day. “This is our vision and our number one priority is to publish some of the best games out there. I want Bigmode to act as my seal of approval.”

Coinciding with the announcement, the official Bigmode website is already live. Individual developers, teams looking to pitch their ideas, or those with full games ready to go, can all engage with Bigmode right away.

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For the former, a networking page exists so programmers, artists, and the like can shoot their portfolios over to Bigmode for any potential opportunities that may arise. Meanwhile, devs can apply on the same site with a rundown on their project and what they’re seeking from a publisher.

While games of all sorts are welcome, it’s worth noting that Bigmode is currently not accepting any pitches for games relying on NFTs, cryptocurrencies, or blockchain technology in any regard.

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Given it’s just the beginning, it remains to be seen which studios may try and jump onboard with Dunkey and Leah early on. We’ll have to keep our eyes peeled for any future projects supported by the newly established Bigmode.

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