WWE 2K22 players want popular Universe feature to return in 2K23

WWE 2K22 Universe mode header2K

WWE 2K22 players want to see a specific feature from previous games be brought back for the next instalment of the Universe game mode: promos.

WWE 2K22 included many classic game modes but also introduced new content from players to sink their teeth into. One of the returning game modes to feature in the game was Universe mode. 

In Universe mode, players take control of either Raw, Smackdown or NXT as the General Manager. Gamers can either choose from a real life GM or choose to manage their chosen brand as a custom Superstar.

The aim of the feature is to build up your brand of Superstar’s to out perform your rival, setting up match cards each week and running PPV events. And while part of the game involves schedules wrestlers to cut promos, 2K22 didn’t actually give players the chance to run the promos or even include a cutscene of the wrestler talking on the mic.

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This omission is something that fans want to see come back in 2K23, discussing on Reddit how “universe mode is boring without them.” Others noted how the mode feels “empty” without them and that it then just comes a cycle of “match, match, match.”

Being able to control promos or simply watch them play out in a cutscene is a feature that has been included in many old WWE games. However, some have defended the decision to remove promos from 2K22’s Universe mode, pointing out that the dialogue was never up to par and that they would end up “skipping them anyways.” 

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WWE 2K22 release on March 8, 2022 was a return to form for the franchise and restored faith in developers 2K after 2K20 failed to perform. In Dexerto’s full review of 2K22, we wrote how “in spite of some issues, the WWE once again has a wrestling game it can be proud of.”