Uncharted fans think Sony’s latest PS5 ad features new game tease

new uncharted gameSony

Despite recent news about the series, Sony’s latest ad for PlayStation 5 has some fans convinced that a new Uncharted game is in development.

Last week, studio Co-President Neil Druckmann confirmed Naughty Dog is officially “moving on” from Uncharted. The adventures of Drake and friends have seemingly come to an end, then.

But since Uncharted has constituted nothing short of a runaway success for Sony over the last 15 years, many wonder if the platform-holder will indeed hang it all up.

Interestingly enough, a new PS5 ad managed to recently spark yet another wave of speculation on this front.

Is the PS5’s latest TV spot teasing a new Uncharted game?

PlayStation’s newly released “Live from PS5” ad campaign features a host of references to first and third-party titles, including Marvel’s Spider-Man, Horizon Forbidden West, and The Callisto Protocol.

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But eagle-eyed viewers have honed in on one moment, in particular, which features a torch-wielding young woman exploring an ancient underground site.

The woman appears for but a split second at the 43-second mark. Considering the epilogue of Uncharted 4: A Thief’s end, some think the lady in question is Nathan and Elena’s daughter, Cassie.

If this does serve as an Uncharted tease of some sort, it raises several questions. For one, who would lead the charge on developing a new Uncharted game since Naughty Dog moved on?

Years ago, a not-so-secret Sony studio based out of San Diego was rumored to be working on an Uncharted adventure.

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No further details have surfaced since late 2020, however, when one departing developer noted that, as far as they knew, both the studio and its unannounced project remained “ongoing.” Though it’s worth mentioning that job listings for the team in October 2022 referenced its partnership with Naughty Dog on a “beloved franchise.”

It’s possible the franchise is The Last of Us, given Naughty Dog’s efforts with the Factions multiplayer game. And it’s also possible the young woman in the “Live from PlayStation” ad is Tomb Raider’s Lara Croft, since the video features third-party titles as well.