Twitch chat plays The Outer Worlds and immediately spirals out of control - Dexerto

Twitch chat plays The Outer Worlds and immediately spirals out of control

Published: 22/Oct/2019 23:29 Updated: 23/Oct/2019 15:56

by Bill Cooney


A Twitch stream for The Outer Worlds let chat control what happened in the game, and it started out exactly how you would expect a game controlled by Twitch chat would.

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The Outer Worlds is the latest game from Obsidian Entertainment and those who have played it seem to be enjoying it so far, with some comparisons even being made between Outer Worlds and Fallout: New Vegas – which was also made by Obsidian.

Like any game company trying to build hype for their latest release, Obsidian took to Twitch to bring gameplay to the masses, and someone had the bright idea to let Twitch chat control The Outer Worlds on their own in another edition of Twitch plays.


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How does Twitch chat play a game on Twitch?

Obsidian’s playthrough involved one of the most beloved Twitch chat traditions – spamming in chat.

On the bottom of the overlay, there were commands listed and what chat could enter/spam to control the game, for instance typing “AIM” would have the character aim down the sights.

It’s an interesting way to get players who might not have the game yet involved, but Twitch chat ended up using their newfound power to murder one of the first NPCs you encounter in the game.

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After skipping through the chat options (who reads those all the way through anyway?) chat started blasting away in the general direction of poor Guard Pelham.


The first shots were too high until a few 5heads in chat managed to aim the gun down and look through the sights to finish the deed.

Taking out the guard was a pretty impressive feat, considering there were over 1,000 people participating in the Twitch chat playthrough at the time of writing and it seemed to be a challenge just to move in any one direction consistently. 

It’s still a lot of fun to watch though.

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When does The Outer Worlds come out?

Obsidian’s Twitch plays stream happened on October 22, three days before The Outer Limits official release date of October 25.

Based on the reviews so far The Outer Worlds could end up being one of the biggest games to come out this holiday season, but only time will tell.


At least Twitch chat seems to be having fun, right?