The NieR Automata ‘secret door’ mystery has finally been solved

Philip Trahan
nier automata 2b fighting robot screenshot header image

NieR Automata fans have solved the big ‘secret door’ mystery that engulfed the community following a cryptic Reddit post.

The mysterious situation sent the NieR community into a frenzy recently thanks to the discovery of a secret room in NieR Automata five years after launch.

In the days following, fans came together to try and unravel this secret room as the sole player who discovered it continued to post more and more cryptic information about it.

Two days later the community solved the mystery of NieR Automata’s ‘secret door,’ ending in both an expected and unexpected conclusion.

NieR Automata’s ‘secret door’ mystery solved

As it turns out, the propagator of the secret door easter egg, who goes by sadfutago on Reddit, set up an extremely elaborate mod to create the church and all subsequent secret areas that caused the stir.

The culmination of the reveal began with sadfutago posting more and more footage of the secret area, before leaving cryptic messages on Reddit that ended with a link to a Twitch stream.

The Twitch stream showed the creator of the mod playing through the scenario they created, before thanking the mod developers who made the secret church possible.

Sadfutago also issued a sincere thank you to the NieR community for making the secret church explode into what it is now, while also issuing a playful apology for any frustration the mod may have caused.

While some may have been disappointed that the secret church scenario ended up being nothing more than an impressive fan mod, the community was overwhelmingly positive about the experience as a whole.

According to content creator and NieR fan Lance McDonald who broke down the situation on Twitter, this mod “was the work of extremely talented modders doing things the community thought were not possible.”

Though a fan mod may not be as exciting as a long-hidden secret to some, it’s clear that NieR fans enjoyed the crazy ride that sadfutago provided with the incredible secret church mod.