Starfield fans spot ominous hidden message in gameplay trailer

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starfield neon gameplay creepy message

Eagle-eyed fans stumbled across an ominous message hidden in the city known as Neon while rewatching Starfield’s gameplay reveal trailer. 

Bethesda Game Studios unveiled the first look at Starfield gameplay earlier this month during the Xbox & Bethesda Games Showcase.

The lengthy gameplay presentation ran approximately 15 minutes in length, offering viewers a glimpse at everything from exploration and gunplay to character customization and crafting.

Developers also confirmed the massive role-playing experience will boast upwards of 1,000 explorable planets across 100 systems. It stands to reason that quite a few of these locations will play host to formidable threats.

Starfield’s gameplay on Neon hides an eerie message

starfield gameplay neon neon
Concept art of Starfield’s Neon city.

Since Bethesda unleashed the gameplay preview, Starfield fans have combed every inch of footage looking for clues. Reddit user DapperNurd shared several interesting finds, including pieces of art and graffiti that stood out.

One bit of graffiti in the city of Neon seems particularly ominous. The scribbled art in question reads, “They Are Coming,” with a thick white circle drawn around the words.

Twitter user Odah – Ladders managed to get a better shot of the warning sign:

Of course, the “They” in the message above could refer to almost anyone in the world of Starfield. Perhaps it’s a seedy corporation, a mysterious alien menace, or some destructive crime syndicate.

Regardless of who or what the graffiti references, this attention to detail makes it seem as though Starfield players will have plenty to explore upon setting foot on Neon and the game’s countless other locations.

And the wait for the experience itself is slowly coming to an end. Though it originally boasted a November 2022 release date, Starfield will now launch on PC and Xbox platforms on an unspecified date in 2023.

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