Star Wars Outlaws planet size reveal has players concerned

Ethan Dean
Star Wars Outlaws Planet Size

Star Wars Outlaws devs have confirmed that a majority of the game’s planets can be traversed fairly quickly. Unfortunately, prospective players have taken this as bad news.

Despite some early controversy around the pricing of its various editions, Star Wars Outlaws has given us a lot to be excited about. Devs have teased connections to the High Republic era and the space travel shown off has scratched an itch for players that Starfield couldn’t.

As any game set in the galaxy far, far away should, Star Wars Outlaws has a number of different planets to explore. Devs have confirmed five so far including some fan-favorites and a brand-new world created specifically for the game.

A recent interview with IGN saw Creative Director Julian Gerighty go into more detail about the size of these planets. A tidbit about traversal has some players hoping to play Star Wars Outlaws a little concerned, however.

Star Wars Outlaws Speeder Bike Speed
Star Wars Outlaws’ Speeder Bikes look insanely fast.

Gerighty compared Akiva, Cantonica, Kijimi, Tatooine, and the moon Toshara to roughly two or three times the size of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey map zones. “Toshara is very close in size to Akiva and Tatooine; I think Tatooine may be a little bit larger,” they told IGN.

The Creative Director for Star Wars Outlaws then revealed that traveling across Toshara on a speeder takes around “four or five minutes nonstop”. “[It] doesn’t sound like a lot, but once you’re committed it’s a fairly large amount and you are always going to be distracted,” they qualified.

Despite the clarification, players responding to the news have expressed some trepidation at the timeframe stated by Gerighty. “In other words, extremely Small maps,” a user on X complained. “That’s not good,” another replied.

Other hopeful players have taken this as a good sign. “[I’m] tired of overblown and huge maps with absolutely nothing to do or see,” one fan put forward. “Better than being big for nothing,” another concurred.

Our own hands-on time with Star Wars Outlaws has made us less wary about this. Our previewer found each planet brimming with life, content, and Easter eggs and went as far as to call it “The Star Wars game I’ve always wanted”.