Retro reportedly working on unannounced game in established franchise

Retro Studio

Despite Metroid Prime 4 news coming few and far between, a rumor suggests Retro Studios broke ground on its next endeavor.

Nintendo announced Metroid Prime during E3 in 2017. Reportedly Bandai Namco Studios initially took the helm for completing the project. In 2019, development restarted under Retro Studios, the developers responsible for creating the first three Metroid Prime titles, Mario Kart 7, and two Donkey Kong games.

We haven’t heard anything since development restarted, and Nintendo provided no timeline for when we should expect the game. Fortuntaley for fans of the series Metroid Dread erased a 19-year drought for 2D Metroid games, delivering a memorable experience in 2021.

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In December 2022, a leak claimed Metroid Prime news is right around the corner. Adding flames to the fire, a job listing suggests Retro Games moved on to work on an announced title based on an established IP.

Donkey KongNintendo
Retro Games developed the critically acclaimed Donkey Kong Country Tropical Freeze.

Retro Games job listing hints at new game in development

A series of videos suggest Retro Studio is working on an unannounced title based on an established IP. 2023 is already a big year for new Nintendo titles. The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, Advance Wars 1+2, and Pikmin 4 round out a stacked lineup.

Retro Studio’s latest game, Donkey Kong Country: Tropical Freeze, received heaps of praise when it came to the Wii U In 2014. The game later received a Switch Port and, as of December 2021, sold a whopping 4.12 million units.

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Fans would love a continuation of the storied Donkey Kong Country series or a new project for the fan-favorite character.

Nintendo YouTuber Doctre81 revealed a resume of someone currently working as a writer at Retro Studio, working on an unannounced Nintendo game, which would rule out Metroid Prime 4.

In the final video, Doctre uncovered a Retro Studios cinematic layout artist position job listing on LinkedIn. Under experience, it stated, “experience with already established IP is a plus.”

Both job descriptions could mean nothing, but Metroid Prime 4 fans will hope this is a sign of something coming soon.