Kid uses dad’s credit card on Mario Kart, sues over “immoral” microtransactions

Mario kart tour loot boxesNintendo

A young gamer has sued Nintendo for its “immoral” microtransactions in Mario Kart Tour after accidentally using their dad’s credit card.

Mario Kart Tour launched in 2019 as a Nintendo mobile game for iOS and Android devices. The title features preexisting Mario Kart courses in addition to tracks located in cities across the globe. Examples include New York, Tokyo, Paris, and London.

However, Mario Kart Tour also contained gacha “Spotlight Pipes” for various in-game rewards. Users could pull a new kart, driver, or kart part for the price of five Rubies. It costs players around $25 to draw ten items at a time.

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While Nintendo removed the microtransactions in September 2022, one minor recently filed a lawsuit against the video game giant. The child previously charged their dad’s credit card for $170 in Mario Kart Tour loot boxes.

Nintendo sued after accidental Mario Kart Tour charge

As first reported by Axios, the potential class action lawsuit seeks refunds for all minors who bought Spotlight Pipes. It also claimed that Nintendo used “dark patterns” to trick players into spending more money on the game’s microtransactions.

Kid sues Nintendo for Mario Kart Tour lootboxesNintendo

The suit alleges that the “immoral” practice goes against Washington State’s Consumer Protection Act and California business law. Additionally, Nintendo “capitalized on and encouraged addictive behaviors akin to gambling” for younger and more vulnerable users.

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“Minors are especially susceptible to these addiction-enhancing elements of game design,” the lawsuit read. “The experience of acquiring surprise rewards and the associated excitement of uncovering unexpected in-game items holds a strong appeal for minors and reinforces their desire to keep playing and keep getting rewards.”

If your child has spent money on Mario Kart Tour’s Spotlight Pipes, stay updated with the case to find out if it’s settled. Then, you would need to fill out a claim form online or by mail.

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