Mike Tyson invests in esports team, plans to build new gaming facility

Mike Tyson Twitter

Hall of Fame boxing champion Mike Tyson is jumping into esports by making a “strategic investment” into a rising organization, and will also look to build a new gaming facility for them in Southern California.

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Since retiring from the ring, Tyson has made huge leaps into numerous industries namely cannabis, “glamping” as well as entertainment, but he’s now adding esports to his growing portfolio of investments.

Tyson retired from sports well over a decade ago, and is now going to make the transition into esports under a new partnership with esports org Fade 2 Karma, according to an ESPN report.

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Mike Tyson TwitterThe former boxer has entered numerous industries and is now plunging into esports with his new investment.

Fade 2 Karma describe themselves as a “professional esports and Gaming Entertainment organization” who are mainly involved in Heathstone.

Tyson even had a chance to experience the Blizzard strategy card game with Fade 2 Karma’s talent during a May 22 stream.

“It was pretty awesome.” Tyson said. “I had the opportunity to really engage with some millennials, which I never really actually do. We played Hearthstone. I really sucked real bad. You have to start somewhere. I played games before, so I’m going to start over and see what happens from here.”

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Although specific figures weren’t disclosed, Tyson and co have big plans with Fade 2 Karma and are going to produce a huge esports entertainment venue named simply The Ranch House.

alliestrasza TwitterTyson joined the F2K team during a Twitch livestream.
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What’s The Ranch House going to include?

With his investment in Fade 2 Karma, the team will be creating a new streaming structure that will house everything to facilitate esport events and more.

The structure will reportedly have a stage for tournaments, streaming rooms to broadcast from, a rooftop party deck, all while being adjoined to a new production studio which will be ran by Fade 2 Karma.

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alliestrasza_ InstagramTyson with F2K streamer alliestrasza_ after announcing their partnership.

The former boxer will be joining a surge of personalities who have been making the leap into esports including Rick Fox, Shaquille O’Neal, Stephen Curry and much more.

It’s still unknown when Fade 2 Karma are planning on launching this mega media structure, but it looks like it will be equipped to handle numerous operations once it opens.