Last Epoch’s latest trailer takes a jab at D4 and fans loved it

Eliana Bollati
Footage from Last Epoch's technical trailer

The latest trailer for Last Epoch has gone over a treat with the ARPG community. The trailer takes a tongue-in-cheek jab at competitor Diablo 4, and fans did not miss the joke. In fact, they loved it.

Last Epoch, the forthcoming action RPG from Eleventh Hour Games, leaves its beta on February 21. In preparation for the game’s launch, the developers released a new technical trailer, showcasing various elements of gameplay to the wider community.

Alongside the preview of what players should expect, the developers snuck in a lighthearted jab at Diablo 4.

“End Game System in big bold letters three times, shots fired.” One user joked on Reddit when the video was shared.

There’s a lot of disappointment amongst the community when it comes to Diablo 4. The latest installment in Blizzard’s franchise received a disappointing reception from fans. The endgame content and build options have been a sore spot for fans.

It’s clear Eleventh Hour Games are positioning Last Epoch as the alternative players are looking for.

And fans seem to be convinced. With one describing it as “the perfect middle-ground” between Diablo 4 and Path of Exile, with fans and early access players congratulating the developer for having “their finger on the pulse,” of what the ARPG community is looking for.

Early access players were quick to jump in and share their game play experience so far.

Last Epoch endgame dungeon
The trailer highlighted Last Epoch’s endgame system, which includes a dungeon feature.

“The skill system is simply incredible,” said one player, “it truly feels like all builds are viable…”

“For me, it’s the crafting system. Goddamn, it’s addicting,” another chimed in.

Another player claimed the disappointment of Diablo 4 is “why Last Epoch is popping off.” Claiming a better release from Blizzard would have “overshadowed” Last Epoch’s launch.