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Krunker release 1.4.7 patch notes – Map changes, knife update and more

Published: 29/Jul/2019 12:56 Updated: 29/Jul/2019 14:11

by Matt Porter


Popular browser-based first-person shooter Krunker have released a brand new patch for the game in the form of the 1.4.7 update, which includes an update on the addition of knives, map changes and more.

While most FPS games need to be downloaded or purchased via disc for your PC and console, Krunker allows players to hop into the action for free directly from their web browser, meaning all you need is an internet connection.

This makes it an incredibly attractive proposition for gamers who want to grab a quick fix of “shoot’em up” combat, and now the developers behind the game have announced what players can expect in the new 1.4.7 update.

Krunker’s graphical style looks similar to Minecraft, CS:GO and plays a lot like Call of Duty

What’s in the Krunker v1.4.7 update?

The game, which looks like Minecraft with guns, may not have incredible graphics, but its developers are constantly updating the game with new cosmetic items, new weapons and more.

One of the most exciting additions scheduled for this patch was the inclusion of knives, but developers Yendis Entertainment were forced to delay their inclusion until the next update, as they didn’t want to “mess with the balance right before tournaments” which are taking place over the next few weeks.

There was also a major overhaul for the Kanji map, while Sandstorm also underwent some significant changes, and Bazaar was removed from rotation entirely, although no reason for its withdrawal was given.

As always, the v1.4.7 update also includes a number of bug fixes, including an issue that meant spectators counted as lives in Last Man Standing, and players who are spectating matches will no longer be kicked for no reason.

You can read the full v1.4.7 patch notes below.

Krunker v1.7.4 update – Full patch notes

  • Knives are Next Update. Had to delay them due to a Tournament
  • Reduced Market Grace Period to 10 minutes instead of 15
  • Fixed Store Glitch: Sometimes showed success when item wasn’t bought
  • Kanji Map Overhaul
  • Sandstorm Map Changes
  • Team Colors now Differ when spectating
  • Added Teleporters to Map Editor
  • Every Character can now use fists
  • Increased Market List Size
  • Added Item Counter to Inventory on Market
  • Search filter no longer resets when its closed
  • Moved Spectate Button back to top left
  • Fixed Issue with Certain Names in Market: Names containing ‘
  • Updated SSL Certs
  • Updated Brick Texture
  • Added on Kill Setting (Reduce Res, Inc FoV, Dec FoV)
  • Live Based modes now determine the winner by lives remaining when timer runs out
  • No longer get kicked while spectating
  • Added Ability to Colorize Meshes in Editor
  • Removed Bazaar from Rotation for now
  • Changed Grass Mesh Color. Adjust it in Editor
  • Fixed Bug where spectators count as lives in LMS
  • Made Deagle Animation a bit better
  • Listing Fee 10%: Deducted as soon as you list (To prevent Unlist Trolls/Spammers)
  • Cleared Market Listings to Remove all 10m posts

3kliksphilip claims CSGO’s Deagle doesn’t need buff despite player outrage

Published: 28/Nov/2020 3:33

by Andrew Amos


Philip ‘3kliksphilip’ Dyer has weighed into the CS:GO Desert Eagle debate, saying that the $800 hand-cannon doesn’t need a buff like players have suggested. Instead, the popular YouTuber believes the gun is well-balanced.

The Desert Eagle is one of Counter-Strike’s most iconic guns. Countless plays have been made with the hand-cannon, from Happy’s Play of the Decade Ace, to Xizt’s huge clutch way back in the 1.6 days for Fnatic.

However, recently players have gotten in an uproar over the gun feeling weaker than it ever has before. Dozens of posts have skyrocketed to the top of the /r/globaloffensive subreddit, all claiming the Deagle doesn’t live up to its former glory.

The Deagle has been put under the microscope by the community for being weaker than ever before, but 3kliksphilip believes the claims are baseless.

“The Desert Eagle is flawed. Not because it is overpowered or underpowered, but because its intention is missed by the developers. It is supposed to be a high skill, high reward type of gun. Yet that doesn’t seem to be the case,” one post by Woody_S said.

However, YouTuber 3kliksphilip has debunked these claims, saying they’re not backed by facts. They’re reliant on nostalgia, which doesn’t even really exist, to base a point that the Deagle needs a buff.

“I think it’s dangerous to see older games as to what CS:GO should aspire to imitate. Compared to any other game in existence, CS:GO’s weapons have been far more rigorously balanced to ensure they all serve some sort of purpose,” he said in a November 27 video.

“All those frags you’ve seen from pros are as much luck as anything else. There was one difference back then, and that was the second shot fired was just as precise as the first.”

He broke down the stats of the Deagle to prove his point. The gun is one of the most accurate in the game, beating out all other pistols, and even most of the rifles. While it’s never claimed to be the “most accurate,” it’s still “surprisingly accurate,” like the weapon’s description says.

“The gun has never claimed to be the most accurate in the game, not by a long shot. The Deagle does live up to its expectation of being surprisingly accurate though.”

Valve did try to fill the community niche for a sniper-like hand cannon in the R8 Revolver, but that missed the mark due to the long wind-up. Now, the community wants that ideal gun to be the Deagle, which Philip says is illogical.

“For what people want from the Deagle, you’d be better off making an entirely new weapon to fulfil these criteria. But Valve did make a new weapon ⁠— they made the Revolver, which players can opt for instead of a Deagle, but don’t because it’s a bit rubbish.”

R8 Revolver in CSGO
The R8 Revolver has failed to fill the void CS:GO players want.

There has been a decent patch proposed by community modders. The Weapon Balance Mod’s latest update, which 3kliksphilip highlighted, would decrease the Deagle’s high damage drop off, while reducing its base damage and armor penetration to reward headshots.

While these changes won’t be making it into the game properly, at least for now, 3kliks wants the community to realise that the Deagle is in a better spot than ever before. He used a side-by-side of 1.6 vs CS:GO as a comparison, and the Deagle in the 2012 release is far more accurate.

“As far as competitive Counter-Strike goes, RNG has always had a part to play with the Deagle. Those wanting less of the random element should be praising the gun for the state that it’s in right now in CS:GO in 2020.”