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D&D Keys from the Golden Vault release date

2023 is seeing five new Dungeons and Dragons books releasing for players to enjoy. The first one to come out is Keys From the Golden Vault, a mysterious yet criminal adventure book filled with stories. Here’s everything we know about the upcoming book, including where you can preorder it.

While there may already be hundreds of fantastic D&D books to try out, brand-new experiences are being released throughout the year featuring heists, one-shot adventures, and new knowledge. One such new experience is the Keys From the Golden Vault, a thrilling series of thriving one-shots, perfect for that player who always chooses a Rogue.

However, the details regarding this upcoming book are rather hard to find. So, with that in mind, we’ve put together all the information you need to know about Key From the Golden Vault including its release date, price, and what it’s about.


Does Keys From the Golden Vault have a release date?

Dungeons and Dragons 2023 book schedule

Yes, Keys From the Golden Vault does have a release date. The Dungeons and Dragons book will be releasing on February 21, 2023 in the USA and 24 March, 2023 in the UK.

This is thanks to the Amazon listing that secretively arose in December 2022, leading the highly anticipated Winter 2023 book to be fully revealed and able to be preordered.

How much will the book cost?

Currently, Keys From the Golden Vault comes in at just under $50, making it a rather expensive purchase as a lot of DnD adventure books go.

However, considering the details of the book and its contents, it’s easy to see why.

What will the book be about?

While much of the book is still shrouded in mystery, we do know this will be a series of small one-shot adventures, like Mysteries of Candlekeep.

However, rather than focusing primarily on mysteries and puzzles, this will be a heist-themed adventure book, allowing players the chance to sneak through highly defended locations, steal, and perform those all-important high-stakes heists.

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