Iron Giant’s devastating down special in MultiVersus still broken after patch

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Even after Player First Games deployed a patch to fix the issue, MultiVersus players continue encountering a bug that traps opponents in Iron Giant’s down special attack.

The down special in question sees the larger-than-life character jump high in the air, then slam into enemies below.

Instead of delivering the blow and moving on, a glitched Iron Giant will get stuck in the ground and repeatedly deal massive amounts of damage to foes in close proximity.

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Notably, Twitch streamer Hasan fell victim to this glitch in a match against Disguised Toast.

It didn’t take long for developer Player First Games to tackle the problem in a patch. The update does not seem to have worked as intended, though.

Iron Giant’s down attack is still a problem in MultiVersus

multiversus iron giant bugWB Games
The Iron Giant may feel a little too OP right now.

Since WB Games deployed the patch that supposedly fixed Iron Giant’s down special, players have created at least two Reddit threads showcasing the issue’s persistence.

EyZ0 started the first thread by sharing a clip of Iron Giant demolishing other fighters because of the glitch. When the video cut out, the character’s damage output totaled 1,000-plus.

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A few other users in the comments said they’ve encountered similar issues while playing as and fighting against The Iron Giant in MultiVersus.

DrivePleasant6507 posted their own thread hours later, complete with a similar gameplay video. Interestingly, the clip shows a Batman player grappling into the Iron Giant down special bug and getting strapped inside.

While both videos showcase the glitch on the Haunted Mansion map, one user claimed they’ve seen evidence of the Iron Giant bug occurring on other stages, too.

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MultiVersus players can only hope that Player First Games will deploy another update to address the error. However, if and when such a fix will go live is not yet known.

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