How to increase your team bond level in Scarlet Nexus

Nick Farrell
scarlet nexus team bondBANDAI NAMCO Studios

The futuristic RPG has been a stellar hit since it released on June 25, and there are a few components that you will need to master in Scarlet Nexus in order to have more success while playing the game.

It is not every day we get to experience an action RPG that is polished as BANDAI NAMCOM’s Scarlet Nexus, as the game has been highly praised worldwide and we scored Scarlet Nexus as a solid entry in our review.

Within the game is an ample amount of content for players to check out, using the SAS feature you are able to call on your ally’s abilities to use in battle. But, your bond level with them individually, and as a team as a whole is something to keep track of.

While the system can be a bit tricky to understand, we are going to walk through how you will be able to increase your team bond level in Scarlet Nexus.

Scarlet Nexus BANDAI NAMCO Studios
Scarlet Nexus has a core emphasis on battle strategy and abilities

What is team bond in Scarlet Nexus?

During one of the middle phases in Scarlet Nexus, you will be notified of a new metric that will be used to determine how cohesive your team is.

This is different than the regular bond levels you have with individual allies in the game, as this encompasses your entire team and will grant you rewards and other benefits the higher the level.

How to level up your team bond level in Scarlet Nexus

There are a few factors that go into increasing your overall team bond level, as you will need to ensure all members of your squad are around the same bond level.

Below are some ways you can go about raising your team bond level in Scarlet Nexus.

  • Giving gifts to individual members during Standby phases
  • Participating in Bond Episodes with allies

This will increase the level of your team as a whole, and it will grant you additional rewards and cosmetic items for players to equip.


Scarlet NexusBANDAI NAMCO Studios
Towards the later stages of Scarlet Nexus, you will be able to play with both platoons

When you increase your team bond level you will gain cosmetic rewards such as new clothes, and new Team Bond Episodes for the player to partake in. Here’s a rundown of what you will unlock.

Team Bond Level Reward
1 None
2 New white battle clothes
3 None
4 Unlocks Team Bond Episodes
5 The other platoon can wear white battle clothes

You will gain access to the other squad during Phase 9, no matter if you are playing as Kasane or Yuito, but it is still a grind to reach this level.