ENA Dream BBQ trailer drops following game delay and it’s stunningly bizarre

ENA Dream BBQ trailerJoel G

ENA Dream BBQ is a long-awaited game from Joel G, the creator of the viral ENA YouTube series. Though it’s been delayed to 2023, fans and newcomers alike have been impressed by the new trailer for the game.

ENA is a YouTube series spearheaded by Joel G that emulates point-and-click adventure games from the late 90s/early 2000s while bringing its own brand of weirdness to the table.

This project, along with his other animations, has gained Joel G almost a million subscribers on YouTube. The most viewed ENA video, Temptation Stairway, sits at 13 million views at the time of writing. Joel G set out to make a game with a small team, one titled ENA Dream BBQ, that aims to realize the video game styled animated series as an actual game.

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While it’s been delayed from its December 2022 release window to an unspecified date in 2023, the trailer released for ENA Dream BBQ has gripped the gaming community and brought the game into the limelight.

“Unbelievable” ENA Dream BBQ trailer goes viral

Fans who were waiting for this title to release were left scratching their heads. It was slated to release in December 2022. But December came and went with no news from the developers until Joel G tweeted that there was a trailer coming soon on January 6, 2023.

Three weeks later, the new trailer for ENA Dream BBQ was released along with this statement in the comments of the YouTube video: “As many of you may have noticed, we, unfortunately, weren’t able to release Dream BBQ in December 2022 as originally anticipated. This postponement was made due to the extensive amount of art and programming that the team has been undertaking in order to make the game as polished as possible.”

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Joel went on to say that the project “became more ambitious than it was initially supposed to be”, and thanked those waiting for the game to be released for their patience. Following what people were saying on both YouTube and Twitter following the trailer’s viral release, fans weren’t disappointed by what he had to show.

The trailer has accrued over 600K views on Twitter and almost a million views on YouTube at the time of writing, pushing the video right into YT’s trending tab. Gamers aren’t sure what the game is about just yet, but the reception for the trailer has been extremely positive, with fans calling the trailer “unbelievable” and “stunning.”

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That said, the trailer doesn’t give much information on what moment-to-moment gameplay is like. People aren’t sure what to make of how the game will actually play, but there’s a description of the game on steam that illuminates some of the developers’ goals with the game.

ENA Dream BBQ’s description on its Steam page calls it “the first interactive adventure of the ENA series by Joel G” and describes the gameplay like this:

  • Explore new environments filled with hidden secrets and oddities.
  • Meet different characters who only want you to do things for them.
  • Use strange Tools to solve unusual problems.
  • Live the experience of being the least popular person at any party.

That doesn’t really clear things up, but gamers are excited to see the game’s final release regardless.