Elon Musk Reveals Classic Atari Games Will Be Playable in Futute Tesla Update

Elon Musk has historically been ahead of the curve when it comes to his various business ventures.

The Tesla CEO revealed via Twitter that the car manufacturer has partnered with Atari to bring a number of classic games to the vehicle in a future software update.

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Games will reportedly be playable on the center touchscreen console found in Tesla vehicles following the release of the V9.0 update, with Musk stating that the update will launch in ‘four weeks’ following the announcement.

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Musk hopes to include titles such as ‘Pole Position,’ ‘Tempest,’ and ‘Missile Command’ in V9.0, however, it is unknown if any other games will be included.

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He later went on to announce that Tesla will be seeking game developers to ‘make super fun games’ that can be played in the vehicles.