Deus Ex dev’s job listing hints at South Asia setting for possible sequel

Deus Ex sequelEidos-Montreal

A new job listing for Eidos-Montréal indicates the studio’s next project could be a Deus Ex sequel set in South Asia.

Deus Ex debuted in 2000 as a groundbreaking immersive sim whose follow-up couldn’t quite measure up. Eidos-Montréal revived the brand some years later, however, introducing an award-winning prequel story that amplified the cyberpunk and transhumanism themes.

A third Deus Ex entry has hit stores since then, ending on a cliffhanger that long seemed as though it wouldn’t be resolved.

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Eidos’ acquisition from Square Enix by Embracer Group sparked hope for longtime fans. And those hopes may yet shine a bit brighter.

Job listing seems to tease South Asia-set Deus Ex sequel

Developer Eidos-Montréal recently uploaded a LinkedIn job posting for Junior Games Writer. It’s a fairly standard write-up, but two bullet points in the “Even better if you have” section are worth consideration.

One such bullet point mentions the studio’s interest in applicants who have an “Academic background in South Asian Studies and/or equivalent cultural knowledge.” Another reads, “Background in Science and/or Technology.”

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When considering Eidos’ portfolio, the science and technology bullet point would most notably apply to the Deus Ex series. And the brand’s globe-trotting adventures in NYC, Singapore, and Prague mean a new entry set in South Asia would fit the mold.

Eidos’ first Deus Ex title launched in 2011

Of course, this is little more than speculation for the time being. While many hope Eidos is working on another Adam Jensen-starring Deus Ex sequel, there’s no concrete information to confirm as much.

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The studio has taken the reins on a couple of other noteworthy franchises since the last Deus Ex title launched in 2016.

It led production on 2018’s Shadow of the Tomb Raider, then developed the underrated Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy. Eidos has yet to formally unveil its current work-in-progress.

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