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Cuphead announced for PS4: release date, trailer, and more

Published: 28/Jul/2020 16:33

by Tanner Pierce


Despite players thinking it would never happen thanks to their partnership with Microsoft, Studio MDHR has announced that its hit game Cuphead will be coming to PlayStation 4. 

Cuphead has been in the public’s eye for a long time. Despite being announced at E3 2014, the game wasn’t released until three years later in 2017, after it was extensively expanded behind the scenes.

Now, three years later and Cuphead is one of the most mainstream indie games on the market. Both a Switch and Tesla version of the game was released and there’s currently a Netflix show based around the game in development.


StudioMDHRCuphead’s unique art style and challenging boss fights earned it widespread praise.

The best part is that it doesn’t seem like Studio MDHR wants to stop the hype train any time soon. Despite having an extensive relationship with competitor Microsoft, the developer has announced that the hit indie game will be coming to PlayStation 4 right now. Yes, as of July 28, Cuphead is live on PlayStation.

The news was announced during a special Summer Games Fest livestream hosted by Geoff Keighley. According to Studio MDHR, DLC for the game will launch on all platforms at the same time, including on PS4, when it eventually releases, confirming it won’t have a staggered release.


Unfortunately, we don’t have a date as to when the DLC, titled The Delicious Last Course, will launch, however, the developer confirmed it is still hard at work on it.

While fans have been clamoring for the game to release on that platform for years, the developer revealed in 2017 that the game will “never” release on the console, seemingly dashing all hope. Obviously, however, that has changed.

It is important to point out, however, that just because one game that was exclusive to Xbox is coming to PS4, doesn’t mean that every game is going there.

While some people might think that this is indicative of Xbox going multiplatform, this is more than likely a one-off thing and players should not get their hopes up.