College student puts their Valorant gameplay on display in an art gallery

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A college student put up a recording of their Valorant gameplay in an art gallery. Rather than putting together a conventional piece like the other students, they displayed their gameplay as art instead.

Valorant is a very skill-expressive game. For those who have mastered their agent and have deadeye aim, they’re able to flex on the competition with style. For others, it’s all about fun.

The very best Valorant pros in the world make it look easy, when, in reality, clutching out a 1v5 and outsmarting the opponent takes a great deal of effort and practice.

But could you call gameplay art? A university student set out to answer that question by putting their Valorant gameplay on display in a gallery instead of creating what one would typically think of as art.

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College student uses Valorant gameplay as “modern art”

At a university art exhibit, Tik Tokker yvessdrop noticed something strange. In a gallery filled with art from students going to college there, one piece stood out.

Rather than being on canvas, someone put their Valorant gameplay on a screen for the world to see and hear. Sound from the game was blaring through the TV speakers.

The exhibit has certainly started a conversation.

The gameplay appeared to be from either a stream or recorded video, complete with a cat holding an SMG in place of a face cam and laughter from their Valorant teammates playing through the speakers.

It is, if nothing else, bizarre. That said, people in the replies seemed to be overall positive on the art piece. Even if they weren’t too sure what to make of it, commenters supported the student’s decision for the most part.

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However, there were some differing opinions, with one user saying, “there comes a time when the subjectiveness of art can seriously be debated”.

At the time of writing, it isn’t known why this student chose to post their Valorant gameplay rather than an art piece more in line with the others.