Bully 2 teaser discovered in Red Dead Redemption 2

Rockstar Games

A considerable amount of interest has built up surrounding a potential new Bully game and an interesting new teaser has been found in Red Dead Redemption 2.  

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The first Bully game released back in 2006 and was actually renamed Canis Canem Edit for editions outside the United States, following controversy about the encouragement of bullying in the original title name.

Clearly, the game had its fair share of critics, but that didn’t stop it from going on to sell over 1.5 million copies across the world. Now, 13 years after its initial launch, players think its return for a second installment is very much in the works. After all, the clues are certainly stacking up. 

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Rockstar GamesJimmy Hopkins (left) was Bully’s main protagonist.
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While many previous clues have generally been found in leaked information, whether that be a supposed 2020 release date for next-gen consoles, protagonist screenshots and more, this new teaser has actually been found inside one of Rockstar’s games – RDR2.

A screenshot from the game was uploaded to the Bully subreddit by user CipsTR on September 11, which appears to show a wanted poster featuring Meredith Hopkins – with a cash reward being placed on her head. 

The poster reads: “Wanted dead or alive. Meredith Hopkins fatally shot her neighbor’s farm hand in a FIT OF RAGE. The boy was caught trespassing on her property.”

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CipsTR, RedditHere’s the latest Bully teaser in Red Dead Redemption 2.
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For those who aren’t aware, Hopkins is the second name of Bully’s main protagonist, who is called Jimmy Hopkins. That’s the connection that many people have been making online.

While this could just be a total coincidence, or a troll from developers, fans are actually quite split about this being another indication that a new game is actually in the works.

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A skeptical fan posted: “How is this a Bully reference? Because her last name is Hopkins?”, which was met with a few responses from members of the online community. 

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“Rockstar is leaving a lot of references and clues in its recent games and updates, it has to be true,” one responded, while another said: “Out of all of the potential names they could’ve gone with, they chose Hopkins. That doesn’t look a tad bit suspicious to you?”

Bully subredditSome Bully fans seem to be split by this new potential teaser.
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Some would like to see more hints dropped in Red Dead moving forward, while others argued that they would like Rockstar to cut right to the chase and make the announcement official. 

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The whole idea of a Bully 2 project remains shrouded in mystery, with nothing to work on except leaks and potential teasers such as this, but there’s no doubt that people are growing impatient about an announcement.