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Bully 2 potentially teased in GTA Online Casino update

Published: 24/Jul/2019 17:41 Updated: 24/Jul/2019 18:47

by Meg Bethany Koepp


The Grand Theft Auto Online ‘Diamond & Casino Resort’ update brought many new things to the multiplayer service, but one thing that wasn’t expected was a potential Bully 2 tease.

GTA Online players waited almost six years for the Casino to open its doors, and it finally did when the Diamond & Casino resort update dropped on July 23. One of the things the patch added was the ‘Decorations Management’ feature, which allows players to decorate and spruce up their penthouse’s appearance. 

Eagle-eyed fans have since found a Bully easter egg in the feature that could be viewed as a potential tease for the long-awaited sequel to the 2006 action-adventure game.

“Dog eat dog”

Decorating your penthouse comes with many different options – one of them being wall art and posters. In this section, players spotted a print called “Canis Canem Edit”, which is what Bully was renamed in Europe after the name sparked controversy and fear it’d influence violence. 

Canis Canem Edit is Latin for “dog eat dog” and presumably was used as the replacement title because of the famous saying ‘it’s a dog eat dog world’.

Rockstar GamesIs this a Bully 2 tease?

While it could just be a simple easter egg, fans on Reddit don’t seem to think so, and have spent hours trying to crack it, with some even thinking that the red dots on the wall art could be morse code.

If you look closely, Rockstar credits the print’s artist as ‘Mathew Morse’ – something that reinforces the idea of some kind of code being involved somehow.

Rockstar GamesWho is Mathew Morse?

Is it actually morse code?

Reddit user ‘MareeCena’ revealed that a few people have been trying to crack the potential code, and there are some theories as to what it could mean. 

“Here’s what each picture stands for, starting from top left: 4, Then the next picture is either: A, N or G, then the bottom left is A and then bottom right: D.” user ‘snort_cannon’ commented. “Non Disclosure Agreement? Nearly Announced Development?” MareeCena replied.

The other main theory is that Mathew Morse could actually be the name of a character in Bully 2. None of this is confirmed though, and Rockstar has yet to say anything officially.

RedditFans are furiously trying to decipher the possible morse code.

If this is indeed a hint at the next Bully instalment, Rockstar’s cryptic teaser definitely has fans scratching their heads. Will they ever work out what it means? We’ll keep you updated on any future developments.


How to make a lead in Minecraft – Recipe guide

Published: 18/Jan/2021 11:14

by Alex Garton


Collecting animals or mobs in Minecraft can be extremely difficult as they have a tendency to wander off. That’s why it’s important to know how to make a lead to keep these creatures tied up in a location of your choice.

Whenever you run into a problem in Minecraft, there’s usually a tool that can fix the issue. However, sometimes it’s difficult to figure out which item you need and how to make it. Therefore, it’s always helpful to learn how to make useful equipment in-game that may save you time in the future.

Well, a key item that every Minecraft player should know how to make is the lead. Whether you’re creating your own Minecraft farm or just want to keep your boat tied up, having a lead to hand in survival will always be helpful.

How to get a lead in Minecraft

How to make a lead
Mojang/Stingray Productions
Leads can be used to tie animals up to fences.

Minecraft lead recipe

For starters, to create a lead, you’ll need to kill spiders and slimes to gather the correct materials. Luckily, these mobs are relatively easy to locate with spiders roaming the world at night and slimes residing in swamp biomes. Here’s exactly what you’ll need to gather:

  • One Slimeball
  • Four pieces of String

After you’ve found these materials, simply use a crafting table and place them in the order shown in the picture above. This will provide you with two leads to use on mobs across the world.

What does a lead do in Minecraft?

Horse tied up in minecraft
Leads have a lot more in-game uses than you might think.

Of course, the primary use for leads is to keep animals and mobs tied up in a specific location. This can be done by catching a creature with a  lead and attaching it to a fence.

However, there are some unconventional uses for a lead that can be amusing to try-out. For example, creating an Iron Golem and putting it on a lead will grant a player their own personal bodyguard. This will ensure you’re protected at night from any hostile mobs roaming the world.

Hopefully, this has taught you exactly how to craft a lead in Minecraft and why they’re such a useful tool. Now, fingers crossed, any animals you decide to collect won’t wander off after you’ve gone to bed in-game.