Breaking WWE 2K22 announce tables also breaks the game

Visual Concepts

There’s a strange glitch in WWE 2K22 that bugs a match if players break the announcer’s table, and it effectively puts a chokehold on the match should you run into it.

As much as fans want to have fun with WWE 2K22, there’s been multiple gameplay bugs that’s been putting a damper on the overall experience. Visual Concepts have been trying to plug in all the holes that pop up, and they may have another one to address.

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People started noticing that CPU-controlled fighters would turn pacifist should the match get out of hand and the announcer’s table was broken as a result.

As soon as the player performs an announcer table finisher, the opponent will just be in one spot for the remainder of the match – and more players are starting to encounter the strange bug.

Catapulting opponents into any object you can find is a staple of WWE and its games.

WWE players were alerted of the bug by one user who was baffled to come across it in their match and even said it was completely reproducible.

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“Yes, [it has a] 100% reproducible rate,” user ‘westjake’ said. “I can’t understand why it’s not fixed yet, this is game breaking for matches with AI.

“It’s holding AI back and he cannot return to the ring in time, when counting is on, so it’s an instant win for the player.”

It apparently made the rounds for other players seeing as one WWE fan said they “get it every single time I break an announce table.”

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There’s a few things on top of players’ WWE 2K22 wishlist for bugs they want the 2K team to fix, like the infinite load screen and the problems with tag team finishers.

Still, the bizarre glitch with the game’s announcer tables makes a strange stopgap in the action, so we’ll see if Visual Concepts gets around to amending it.

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